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Present production capacity is 4,00,000 Sprockets per month. Spare capacity available to undertake manufacture of Sprockets for any Model Two-Wheelers, General & Textile Engineering Components and machined components.


We have 3.25 Acre of Land and built area of 75,000 Sq.ft. area,


Engineered for Excellence,

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure forms the backbone of our commitment to precision engineering and automotive excellence. Situated on Coimbatore, our facilities are strategically designed and equipped to meet the demanding needs of modern manufacturing.

1Quality Assurance
Having Lab and testing facilities.Inspection Instruments are calibrated periodically by Approved Calibration Agencies like Roots Metrology & Testing Laboratory, S & S Enterprises, Coimbatore.
2Raw material source
Raw material M.S. (HR & CR) and C45 manufactured by JSW Steel Ltd, Tata Steel Ltd, SAIL & Lloyds Steel (Uttam Value Steel Ltd), procured directly or through Local Distributors/Agents.
3No. of Machines
  • One No of Shearing Machine (Capacity Up to Thickness10mm x Length 2500mm).
  • 7 No's of Power Press in different Capacity(Like 30T,50T,100T,150T,150T,250T & 300T).
  • 2 No's of Leveling machine up to 8mm Capacity.
  • 2 No's of Hydraulic Press in Different Capacity(100T & 150T).
  • 7 No's of Turning Centre's in Different Capacity Like A – 5 & A – 6.
  • 3 No's of Double Spindle Rapid Turning Centre's in Different Capacity Like A – 5 & A – 6.
  • 2 No's of Shot Blasting Machines(Advanced Imported Horizontal S.B M/c & Hanger Type).
  • 4 No's of CNC Gear Hobbing (6 Module) machine.
  • 7 No's of Hydraulic Gear Hobbing (8 Module) Machines.
  • One no of Conventional Gear Hobbing (6 Module) Machine.
  • One no of Teeth De-burring Machine.
  • 5 No's of Hydraulic Multi-head Drilling machine.
  • 2 No's of Drill Chamfering Machine.
  • 2 No's of Hydraulic Name Punching Machine.

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