About us

Suntech Automobile Products is one of the leading manufacturer of Two wheeler Chain sprockets in Coimbatore.

The Company was established in 1998 as a small concern based on job order basis, and today is the undisputed supplier for two wheeler chain sprockets.


Mission & Goals

Our Goal

Continuous reorientation of all operations in order to provide a very good service in meeting customer’s expectations in terms of quality, delivery and prices. Maintaining a highly motivated team of employees working in good environment striving for excellence in quality and service.

Mission In Manufacture

To expand qualitative manufacture with proper infrastructure, thereby meeting customer’s requirement of quality and timely delivery resulting in cost advantages to the customer.

Mission In Service

To identify and associate with quality oriented companies with similar or identical corporate goals and philosophy.

To expand area of operation in order to provide growth opportunities to employees and motivating the employees in providing quality service to customers with growth of business and customer satisfaction as key objectives.

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